Economics, like English and Mathematics is also important, more so because it gives students the reason to learn how to read and solve other Mathematical skills. In the course, I will also show you how to apply economic ideas in your daily endeavour.

Learning Outcomes

 At the end of this course, candidates should be able to:

(I) Demonstrate sufficient knowledge and understanding of the basic concepts, tools and
general applications to economic analysis;
(ii) Identify and explain the basic structures, operations and roles of the various economic units
and institutions (national and international);
(iii) Describe major economic activities – production, distribution and consumption;
(iv) Identify and appraise the basic and current economic problems of society;
(v) Develop the competence to proffer solutions to economic problems identified.

Subject Content

Economics as a science
Economic Systems
The Theory of Demand
The Theory of Consumer Behaviour
The Theory of Supply
The Theory of Price Determination
The Theory of Production ( Factors of Production and their Theories)
Theory of Costs and Revenue
Market Structures
National Income
Money and Inflation
Financial Institutions
Public Finance
Economic Growth and Development
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Subject Includes

  • 65 Lessons
  • 4 Computer Based Tests
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