Why study 321exam  Government? Aside from passing your exams, here are the top five reasons;

1. To understand the influence government has on your daily life.

2. To understand why the government produces the policies it does.

3. To understand and interpret current events in a rapidly changing world.

4. To understand how the United States attempts to resolve conflicts and seeks to establish order and security.

5. To develop the ability to solve problems and make good decisions when current.

Learning Outcomes

At the end of this course, candidates should be able to:

i. Appreciate the meaning of government;
ii. Analyze the framework and specify the institutions of government;
iii. Appreciate the basic principles of democratic governance and their application in
iv. Explain the concept of citizenship and define the duties and obligations of a citizen;
v. Appreciate the process of political development in Nigeria;
vi. Evaluate the political development and problems of governance in Nigeria;
vii. Understand the determinants and dynamics of foreign policy as it relates to Nigeria;
viii. Assess the role of Nigeria as a member of the international community and the
workings of international organizations.

Subject Content

Basic Concepts in Government
Forms of Government
Arms of Government
Structures of Governance
Systems of Governance
Political Ideologies
Principles of Democratic Government
Processes of Legislation
The Electoral Process
Political Parties and Party Systems
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