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One and half month study schedule for JAMB Exam Using 321exam

  1. Study 5 hours before lunch and 5 hours after lunch. This is the maximum that you should study in a day. I do understand that this might not be possible every single day. So, on the average, if you can maintain 7-8 hours every day for a month and half before the exams, that will work well.
  2. Pay close attention to your course instructors, pause the video, replay if necessary and take notes.
  3. Ask questions in the course forum, attend webinars and attempt the Computer-Based-Tests multiple times.
  4. Sleep 8 hours at night with a 30-minute nap in the daytime.
  5. Exercise in the morning and a walk in the evening.
  6. Frequent breaks, fresh air, stay hydrated, and eat decently.
  7. Draw up a timetable to ensure you study the 4 compulsory subjects evenly.


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